Philosophy / Biodata

When firms call themselves global what they mean is that their operations are global; for, how can an American firm call itself an American global firm which is an oxymoron in terms. Dr.Raghunathan argues that for a firm to be truly global, it should also be owned globally. Over the past decade, this issue of global ownership and, thus, the global citizenship of firms have dominated his work. His empirical work on ownership strategies of multinational corporations is an attempt to understand the experiments of firms as they go about creating their global network of subsidiaries.

Dr. Raghunathan has presented papers at various conferences internationally and his articles on foreign investment policy issues have appeared in popular newspapers in the US and India. His expertise lies in the strategic management of multinational corporations, issues related to ownership of overseas subsidiaries, and foreign trade and investment policies. His research has implications for corporate executives and national policy makers.

Dr. Raghunathan earned his doctoral degree from Temple University, Philadelphia. After his undergraduate degree in Commerce and a degree in Law from the University of Madras, he also graduated with a MBA degree from XLRI, India. He has had various stints in the industry; having worked for four years in Banking; he shifted to the Information Systems industry. His entrepreneurial inclinations since his youth have led to successful efforts, the latest being an information systems and international business consulting firm in the US with its subsidiary in India. He is also active on the academic front and teaches at The Emory University in Atlanta, US.

Dr. Raghunathan's interests include farming, table tennis, ideation, and discussing futures.

Sankaran P Raghunathan